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Takeaway Restaurant In Triplicane

Triplicane, a historic neighborhood in Chennai, that is full of culture and customs. Located along the Bay of Bengal, it’s home to the iconic Marina Beach and the architectural marvel Parthasarathy Temple. The streets of Triplicane are full of the sound of Carnatic music and the fragrance of authentic real South Indian food. 

This rich history comes to your plate at Red bucket Biryani, which serves the most original and delicious biryani in Triplicane. Our mutton biryani takes you on a trip through food. The long-grain basmati rice dances with the flavors of organic, tender mutton that is cooked to perfection in traditional pots. The city’s love of food is shown in our biryani, which is a symphony of light, traditional tastes.

Because we don’t use preservatives or dehydration methods, we’re proud of our commitment to freshness and taste. Every bite of our biryani is full of healthy ingredients and delicious sauces. Our biryanis, like the hot chicken 65 biryani, the hearty mutton biryani, and the delicious prawns biryani, are great for any event, from a small family get-together to a big party. The best biryani in Triplicane has different options for people who like eggs, chicken, mutton, and veggies. All of these dishes can be paired with raita. Following traditional recipes, we serve biryani with boneless, juicy pieces of mutton on top of fragrant rice, or we can make biryani the “dum” way.

The mutton biryani and chicken mandi biryani, which has Arabic roots and has smoked chicken on top of fragrant rice, are two of the most popular and unique biryanis in Triplicane that we serve. You can pick from crab biryani, Chicken 65 biryani that is cooked slowly with seasoned rice, and more.


At Red bucket Biryani, we don’t just serve food; we serve experiences wrapped in tradition and garnished with the finest spices. Everyone who loves food should try our biryani, which is made with high-quality ingredients like cashew nuts, figs, onions, and a lot of ghee. Add one of our fried sides, like chicken pakoda or prawn fry, to make your meal a feast. 

We are masters in the craft of biryani-making and take pride in our slow-cooked specialties, biryanis, kebabs, and more. Relish biryani delivered right to your doorstep, crafted with the finest spices. Alternatively, you can pick up Biryani from our Triplicane outlet and indulge in mouth-watering biryani made with premium-quality ingredients.

Why wait then? Red bucket Biryani will take you to the tastes of Triplicane. You can place an order online right now and enjoy the taste of history brought right to your door. 


Door No 217(114/1), Triplicane High Road, Opp Ratna Cafe, Triplicane, Chennai-600005.

Phone No: +91 9940452129

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