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Our Menu

Welcome to our star-studded menu page!

Though we take pride in bringing to you the best bucket chicken biryani that ever existed, we do have an exhaustive list of items that grace our menu and are ready to be served! Keeping in mind the needs of our customer base, we have tried our best to keep the rates of the bucket biryani menu as affordable as possible.

Let’s begin!

Suitable as light snacks, these items are great to start your biryani experience with us

Special Starters

Along with this, we also serve an All Mixed Red Bucket Biryani which is a mega combo of chicken, mutton, fish, and prawn biryani. Brilliantly flavoured rice with juicy and succulent pieces of meat and fish, this bucket brings to you the authentic taste of the best Hyderabadi biryani. You can order this bucket just for Rs. 700.

Time for the best meal!

Presenting to you the impeccable biryanis which are perfectly cooked and rightly flavoured! These biryanis are an excellent combination of the finest herbs and the most flavoured, organic spices. Delicately balanced and cooked in the desi dum style, our biryanis are absolutely blissful!

Chicken Biryani

Flavoured and long grain basmati rice cooked in simmering heat with juicy chicken pieces, this dish is an absolute treat to your taste buds.

Coupled with our extraordinary style of cooking biryani, we also provide you with the best dishes at the best rates. Therefore, the cost of our dishes at all our centres is kept to the absolute minimum so that no one leaves with a hungry stomach.

Mutton Biryani

Drizzled with in-house ghee, this highly-appetising golden yellow with flavoursome toppings of the juiciest mutton pieces will surely take you back to the Mughal era.

We have tried to keep the cost of mutton biryani as low as possible. So, grab a plate today and dive into the heavenly aroma of this famous Mughal dish!

Prawns Biryani

We heard you prawn lovers! Prepared patiently using premium quality ingredients, this dish is a must-have for anyone who is a prawn admirer. Thoroughly cooked, maintaining all hygienic standards, this is our beloved dish.

We have fixed an unimaginably low rate of prawns biryani so that you can savour the flavour-packed and tempting biryani with no extra burden on your pocket.

Fish Biryani

Who said that fishes are not good for biryani? Taste this lip-smacking recipe from our kitchen and get ready to fall in love with fish.

Egg Biryani

For the eggaterians, this is a highly esteemed dish that has a flavour and a fragrance typically of its own.

We serve at a much affordable rate than what you will find at other biryani centres. Order now and get ready to have a relishing meal!

Veg Biryani

A tantalising and appealing biryani, this will give you the most authentic taste of fresh, seasonal vegetables cooked with aromatic basmati rice, yoghurt, and home-grown spices.

Our Showstoppers

Hyderabadi Biryani

Well-cooked using authentic flavours, this is a pure gem that you surely cannot miss. Blending the traditional style of Hyderabad biryani with modern culinary techniques, this biryani is perfect for grand occasions.

Prawns Biryani

We take pride in crafting this one of a kind dish that is well known for its signature taste and fragrance. Layered with superb quality and aromatic basmati rice and decorated with prawn pieces, this is a top-notch preparation.

Chicken 65 Biryani

Think chicken 65, think Red Bucket. Top quality basmati rice layered with golden brown chicken pieces and crisp onion rings, this biryani is the perfect amalgamation of taste, flavour, and fragrance.

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