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Takeaway Restaurant In Huzurnagar

Had an exhaustive day at work? How about ordering freshly prepared biryani? Biryani is not just food but is a bowl of emotions served hot to lure your taste buds. If you are looking for the best biryani in huzurnagar, Red Bucket Biryani is the best choice. You must try our classic, juicy and flavoured Prawns Biryani and enjoy the magic it creates on the taste buds. 

No heart skips its beat with the strong flavour, taste and aroma of biryani. You can order biryani online or takeaway biryani from us when you are in Huzurnagar. We prepare the most authentic and traditional biryanis, including – chicken, mutton, fish and prawn. The thick long grains and meat, when cooked slowly with love, makes a drool-worthy biryani. 

The marinated piece of chicken, saffron strands soaked in rose water, and the finest spices, when added in a dough-lined vessel, enhances the flavours. This delicacy is no more restricted to the realms of Hyderabad or Nizams. Just explore and order biryani online to delve into some heavenly meat right away.

Red Bucket Biryani is slowly emerging as the most preferred and best biryani in Huzurnagar owing to its premium quality ingredients, fresh preparation, and hygiene. The premium taste will surely blow your mind. When craving appetizing and scrumptious biryani, jump over to Red Bucket Biryani.

We come from a land where biryani is not just a dish, and it’s no wonder we have so many varieties. Each of our varieties is a marvel of its own. Whether it is hot selling chicken 65 biryani or prawns biryani, we have everything under one roof so that you don’t have to go anywhere around to try a new variety. 

What are you waiting for? Call over your friends and order biryani online or reach out to the nearest outlet for takeaway biryani. You will surely win them with our matchless taste, prompt delivery and customer support. Order from Red Bucket Biryani to make your happiness warmer


H. No. 18-38/10, Near Circle,
Miryalaguda Road,
Huzur Nagar, Telangana State
Pin No: 508204

Phone No: +91 7337297447

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