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Enjoy the Real Taste with Red Bucket Biryani



Takeaway Restaurant In Khammam

Red Bucket Biryani is a well-known name that offers the best biryani in khammam. With decades of experience cooking biryani, we prepare the most delicious biryani that includes – chicken 65, fish, egg, and more. If you are a fan of mutton biryani, Red Bucket Biryani becomes a must-visit for biryani lovers. Order biryani online or takeaway biryani – we make the perfect biryani you can’t resist. 

A bowl of well-perfumed rice and smoky flavoured meat makes our biryani perfect. You can find a perfect fit at Red Bucket Biryani. If you want some complementaries on scrumptious biryani, order biryani online from us. If you order mutton biryani, you will get legendary boneless ones in rich flavours. Whether you want to order for a family gathering, party, or lunch/dinner – we are just one click away in Khammam.  

No matter where you are from, you know biryani is a soulful food. It is known to have originated in India from the Mughals and has passed every nook and corner of the country. If you want a perfectly tenderized chicken or prawn,  you will taste the colourful burst of flavours with every bite. We are delighted to serve the best biryani in khammam that blends rich flavours and aromas.

Head straight to our outlet for authentic flavours and order some of our best biryanis. You can even takeaway biryani or have appetizers to enhance your taste buds.  We have been serving authentic biryani for years. When you order chicken 65 biryani, you will get a roasted exterior with a tender, juicy interior. So, head out to this amazing outlet in Khammam and treat your taste buds to your favourite biryani. 

Look no further. There’s no way you should miss this treat. Filled with punching bags of flavour, you will get a heavenly taste and flavours that will surely fill your heart’s content.


VDO’s Colony, Khammam, Telangana
Pin No – 507002.

Phone No: +91 6300486233

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