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Takeaway Restaurant In Shamshabad

Biryani is one of the dishes that people in Shamshabad like to eat. Well, why not? It is tasty and, most importantly, makes your mouth water. Many places in Shamshabad say they have the best Biryani. Red Bucket Biryani is undoubtedly one of the best places to get healthy, hot, and fresh Biryani Biryani dreds of people who like Biryani to us to eat some good biryani. The “chicken biryani” here is tasty, but the “prawns biryani” is always the best. You should come to us if you want the best vegetarian Biryani. So, why is our biryani choice everywhere? Because we use only the best ingredients and spices, it is “full of paisa vasool” and makes you feel full. 

Foodies will enjoy ordering our Biryani to go. We take you back to the old days of authentic south-Indian Biryani, whether it’s delicious mutton biryani or prawn-flavoured rice. When we make mutton biryani, we do things differently. Red Bucket Biryani, which is full of flavour, is a great choice for a dinner party.

There are many ways to get Biryani here if you want to Take away or order it online. We give you a lot of food and will impress you in every way, including price, taste, amount, and cleanliness.

The best biryani in Shamsahabad should smell strongly of rice and spices and have big pieces of potato, fish, chicken, or lamb. Red Bucket Biryani has a great taste that brings a soulful touch to your taste buds. If you want to order Biryani on Zomato or Swiggy, look at the offers on our website. Your order will be sent out right away.

You can get biryani from any of our locations; enjoy the aroma and unique flavours of Red Bucket Biryani at home. Place your order now!

Our Take Away Restaurant in Shamshabad, Located near the Opposite Navatha transport, Madhura Nagar, Shamshabad, Ranga Reddy.


H No: 23-142/4,
Opposite Navatha transport,
Madhura Nagar, Shamshabad,
Ranga Reddy,

Phone No: 09985174589

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