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Takeaway Restaurant In Hanamkonda

When in Hanamakonda, your search for authentic Hyderabadi biryani ends at Red Bucket Biryani. Order Biryani online in Hanamakonda from us and experience the unique taste you never experienced in your city. We make biryani fresh against your order and deliver on time. Fulfil your cravings by ordering biryani from the most recommended food delivery service.  From three-kilo biryani that serves a part of 6 to Simple weighted Aloo Biryani for two, We have a versatile menu. 


The best biryani in Hanamakonda has multiple options for egg lovers, chicken eaters, mutton purists, and vegetarians that you can pair with raita. Following the authentic recipe, we serve biryani with tender and boneless pieces of mutton over fragrant rice or even biryani cooked on dum. 


One of the most unique and best biryani in Hamanakonda served by us is the mutton biryani and chicken mandi biryani that has Arabic roots, where smoked chicken is served on fragrant rice. Pick from prawn biryani, slow-cooked chicken 65 biryani that comes with flavoured rice, and more. 

The iconic local restaurant in your city is known for tested versions of dishes that range from egg, prawn, and chicken varieties along with appetizers and main course. Our kitchen is bustling at all times, and we provide takeaway biryani options to satisfy your cravings. 


If you are planning to order biryani online, there is a classic fish biryani that is not as piquant as the Hyderabadi versions but is gentle in terms of flavour and taste. It is one of our showstoppers layered with aromatic basmati rice and decorated with fish pieces. 


We know the art of preparing biryani and indulge in slow-cooked delicacies, biryanis, kebabs, and more. Enjoy biryani delivered at your step and made from the finest spices. You can also take away Biryani from our outlet in Hanamakonda and enjoy lip-smacking biryani made from high-quality ingredients. 


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