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Takeaway Restaurant In Mothkur

Are you a biryani lover who is never tired of biryani? Tired after a hectic work schedule and don’t feel like cooking? Order biryani online in Mothkur that strikes a perfect balance between aroma and spices. We cook biryani with flavoured rice and yoghurt-based marinated meat/chicken/boiled egg/potato with light spices that give it a slight sweetness and saffron aroma. 

Red Bucket Biryani prepares the best biryani in Mothkur that one can devour at any time of the day. Whether it is a friendly party at home or a tiring day at work, our biryani delivers the same bliss always. We bring you tenderized meat and fragrant rice cooked with absolute precision. Whether you order biryani online or takeaway biryani from red Bucket Biryani, you will enjoy the rich flavours with every bite. The complementary raita will enhance the flavours of your taste buds. 

Our chefs are known for serving decadent prawns biryani made in perfect south-India style, filled with bags of flavour. The aromatic plates are the USP and guarantee the best biryani in Mothkur. If you are looking for a family dinner or a meal for yourself, our fish biryani is perfect. We have been serving delectable biryanis to thousands of customers in Hyderabad and around to relish their taste buds. 

Our takeaway biryani is a perfect option for foodies. Whether it is delectable mutton biryani or prawns-flavoured rice, we take you back to the old times of authentic and south-Indian style biryani.  When it comes to preparing mutton biryani, we follow a unique approach. The first step involves making mutton stock, and the second step is preparing rice in yakhni along with spices. Full of flavour, Red Bucket Biryani is the perfect choice for your dinner table feasting.


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