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Takeaway Restaurant In Madhapur

People who love food can’t hide their love for Biryani because Biryani is just heaven in every way. Biryani is an Indian dish that is considered a royal dish. It is a complete meal and can be found on the menus of most restaurants. Many places in Madhapur say they have the best Biryani. Red Bucket Biryani is undoubtedly one of the best places to get healthy, hot, and fresh Biryani.

We deliver the best, tastiest, and most delicious Biryani in Madhapur. We use a slow-cooking method to serve you authentic Hyderabadi dishes. Spices are added to the ingredients to make your food taste better. Whether you want to try the appetisers or the bucket biryani, you can taste the fresh, delicious food cooked in a tandoor. We do everything we can to make the food taste good.

We have something extra for all vegetarians. One of our most popular dishes, our vegetarian Biryani, tastes best with big chunks of potato. It’s an excellent way for our vegetarian customers to enjoy Madhapur’s best Biryani.

Every item on our menu is made by skilled chefs who use recipes that have been around for a long time. They craft the cooking process carefully so every item comes out just right. You don’t have to look further to be healthy and tasty. You can order Biryani online or pick it up at a Red Bucket Biryani store near you. We promise tasty food and food that gives you an experience. Red Bucket Biryani is a delicious dish that you should try.

We use meat cut fresh daily, good basmati rice, and fresh vegetables to make it taste like real Biryani. Our high-quality ingredients and antibiotic-free meat make sure that every bite tastes excellent. We are the only chain that makes each order of Biryani from scratch and delivers it on time.

Our Takeaway Biryani Located in Madhapur is : Platinum Heights, 100 Feet Rd, near Ysr Statue, Ayyappa Society, Madhapur, Telangana.


Shop No.5,
Plot No: 816,817,818,
Platinum heights,
100 feet road,
Near YSR Statue,
Sri Swamy Ayyappa Society,

Phone No: +91 9121991181

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