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Enjoy the Real Taste with Red Bucket Biryani


About Us

We are the hub of the best Hyderabadi biryani. Coming to you with more than three decades of experience, Red Bucket Biryani is a well-known name. Popular as an amazing centre of delicious biryani, we specialize in cooking all varieties of biryani.

After preparing innumerable dishes of biryani for multiple outlets across the region of Suryapet, we have opened a restaurant of our own that perfectly blends the magical aroma of biryani with its divine taste. From the spiciest chicken biryani to the classic dum biryani, we have a wide range of preparations to cater to the varied needs of our customers. We are also open to all the different options like – takeaway, delivery, and catering.

So, step into our world and #FeelTheBiryanism like never before!

What makes us special?

We offer three different categories of flavored and aromatic biryani based on the quantity of spices used. The categories are spicy, mildly spicy, and less spicy.

So, if you are looking for the most affordable mutton biryani or a more pocket-friendly egg biryani, drop by our outlet and lose yourself in the enigma of the biryani we serve.

Red Bucket Biryani is the other name for the finest biryani graced with the top spices and prepared with a lot of love and care. So, the next time you think of biryani, think of Red Bucket. Because heaven is right here.

The way it all began

In August 2021, Red Bucket Biryani opened its first outlet at Suryapet. As true lovers of Biryani, we understand that Biryani is not just a place of delicious ingredients but something more than that—it is an emotion. So, to cater to the diverse needs of the customers, we took up the task of providing catering services and offering customisable tastes of Biryani.

Recognised as one of the prominent restaurants offering the authentic taste of Hyderabadi biryani, we go the extra mile to create delightful delicacies while sticking to the traditional methods of cooking. Red Bucket Biryani continuously strives to deliver the highest quality of biryani in terms of taste, flavour, and fragrance.

The values that shape us

We had started on our journey to become the best biryani center in the town. Today, as we continue to walk on the path shown by our founder, we adhere to our core values which help us overcome every roadblock.


We believe in putting our heart and soul into every recipe that we create. We take all possible care to make every dish better than the previous one. The passion in our hearts helps us achieve the unachievable.


Pledging to serve nothing but the best, our team is completely devoted to the wonderful task of cooking up the most aromatic dishes. Yes, we make mistakes. But we own it up, strong and bold.


For ensuring our continued growth and success, we put our faith in hard work. All our team members exhibit utmost dedication to make every dish special and every experience unforgettable.


We go by the traditional saying— “Honesty is the best policy.” We are always busy finding out ways to bond better with our customers, partners, and team members.


Our customers are our first priority. So, we make sure that we take proper care of them and serve them nothing but the best.

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