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Takeaway Restaurant In Toopran

Are you craving the finest biryani in Toopran? Red Bucket Biryani is your go-to place for ordering biryani online. Enjoy a hearty meal featuring flavorful chicken biryani, rich in the tastes of rice and succulent chicken. Explore their specialities, including fish, mutton, and egg biryani, promising a luscious flavour that will leave you wanting more.

Hyderabadi biryani is widely considered the best in Toopran, and contrary to common belief, adding a side of boiled egg and spiced chicken complements the meal and delights the taste buds. Red Bucket Biryani is a local favourite, winning the hearts of Toopran residents with its mouth-watering biryanis.

Find Red Bucket Biryani quickly in your city, with numerous outlets across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Indulge in their famous biryanis during your stay in Toopran, whether you order online or opt for takeaway. Red Bucket Biryani ensures the best taste, taking utmost care in preparation and delivering everything in sealed containers for freshness and quality assurance.

Experience the essence of the Nawabs’ era with Red Bucket Biryani in Toopran. They promise a mouth-watering and tenderly delicious cuisine delivered to your doorstep through a slow-cooking process that simmers flavours for 5-6 hours. After receiving your order, the biryani is meticulously prepared for dum, ensuring it is fresh, healthy, and rich in taste. 

Red Bucket Biryani offers a variety of flavours designed to make your meal light and delicious. Their slow-cooking process allows spices to gradually infuse into the meat, chicken, or fish, resulting in a soft and tender dish.

So, what are you waiting for? Order biryani online in Toopran and enjoy the same bliss as always.


Plot No 34 SY No 545 546 and 547,
Reliance Enclave, Narsapur X Road,
Toopran Main Road,
Toopran, Telangana-502334

Phone No: +91 7013119125

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