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Takeaway Restaurant In Tiruvuru

One of the most popular foods in Tiruvuru is biryani. Well, why not? It is tasty and, most importantly, makes your mouth water. Many places in Tiruvuru say they have the best biryani. Red Bucket Biryani is undoubtedly one of the best places to get healthy, hot, and fresh biryani.

Hundreds of people who like biryani come to us to eat some good biryani. The “chicken biryani” here is tasty, but the “Fish biryani” is always the best. You should come to us if you want the best vegetarian biryani in the city. So, why is our biryani the best choice everywhere? Because we use only the best ingredients and spices, it is “full of paisa vasool” and makes you feel full. We’ll make your love for biryani stronger, bigger, and deeper.

Order biryani online and dig into some of Tiruvuru’s best biryanis. We’ve been making biryani for years, and even when there aren’t many options, we still serve biryani that will blow your mind. We have many biryanis on the menu today to quench your thirst.

There are many ways to get biryani, whether you want to take away or order it online in Swiggy (or) Zomata. We give you a lot of food and will impress you in every way, including price, taste, and cleanliness.

The best biryani in Tiruvuru should smell strongly of rice and spices and have big pieces of potato, fish, chicken, or mutton. Red Bucket Biryani has a great taste that brings a soulful touch to your taste buds. If you want to order biryani online, look at the choices on our website. 

If you want to be treated like a king, you should order biryani delivery from Red Bucket Biryani. Our store will be open seven days a week so customers can come anytime. So, you can count on us whether you need a bucket of fragrant biryani to cheer you up on a Monday or are getting ready for a big treat on the weekend.

Our Take Away Restaurant in Tiruvuru, Located near Opposite SBI ADB BANK Main road, Rajupeta, NTR DISTRICT, Andhra Pradesh.


15-12, Opposite Sbi Adb Bank,
Main Road, Rajupeta, Tiruvuru – 521235, Ntr District, Andhra Pradesh.

Phone No: +91 8247747205

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