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Takeaway Restaurant In Tandur

Red Bucket Biryani has recently inaugurated a new takeaway restaurant in Tandur, Telangana, expanding its franchise network. Renowned for serving the world’s favourite Hyderabadi Biryani, the restaurant also offers a variety of delicious meals. Using a slow-cooking method to ensure authenticity, Red Bucket Biryani promises the best, tastiest, and most delightful biryani in Tandur.

Whether you opt for appetizers or the signature bucket biryani, the emphasis is on delivering fresh, tasty food cooked in a tandoor. The restaurant takes extra care to guarantee a delightful culinary experience, incorporating a Mughalai twist and a mix of flavours in their biryanis. For vegan options, the vegetarian biryani, featuring substantial potato chunks, is a popular choice.

Red Bucket Biryani caters to various events such as housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, and engagements, offering both vegetarian and nonvegetarian biryanis in small and large buckets. Every dish on the menu is crafted by expert chefs following time-tested recipes, ensuring a perfect cooking process for a royal dining experience.

Whether ordering online or at a nearby Red Bucket Biryani store, customers can expect excellent meals that showcase Tandur’s authentic flavours and take them on a flavorful adventure. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh ingredients, daily-cut meat, good basmati rice, and fresh vegetables sets it apart, ensuring that each biryani order is made from scratch and delivered promptly.


Beside Classic Traders,
Chincholi Road,

Phone No: +91 9392228495

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