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Takeaway Restaurant In Shankarpally

Are you on the hunt for authentic and traditional biryani in Shankarpally? Our biryani, crafted primarily with fragrant basmati rice, is infused with a tantalizing mix of meat, chicken, fish, prawn, and egg. Red Bucket Biryani takes pride in its distinctive and unforgettable flavour profile. Our biryani is a true delight for rice enthusiasts, featuring a medley of aromatic spices like cloves, maca powder, and star anise, all drawing inspiration from the Mughal culinary tradition.

Our mouthwatering biryani is not only fulfilling but also a flavour-packed adventure. You can conveniently order biryani online or opt for a hassle-free takeaway from our Shankarpally location. What sets our dish apart is the generous use of onions, with the meat-based sauce thoughtfully placed at the base of the cooking pot.

If you’re in the mood for a milder biryani, our fish biryani promises to delight your taste buds with its exquisite flavours. It’s more than just a dish—it’s an experience. You can easily order biryani online or choose the takeaway option to savour this culinary masterpiece. While our chicken biryani is undeniably delicious, the show’s star is our prawn biryani. With portions perfect for sharing, keeping yourself from overindulging is the only challenge.

Situated at the heart of Shankarpally, we proudly claim the title of the best biryani destination in town, attracting patrons from the local community and nearby towns and villages. Red Bucket Biryani offers top-quality takeaway biryani characterized by its rich taste, healthiness, and impeccable hygiene standards. All this without breaking the bank! Remember to explore our zesty fish biryani, customized to your preferred spice level.

Additionally, our menu boasts delectable appetizers like chicken pakoda, fish fry, and chicken fry, making it the perfect treat for your friends and family. Eager to satisfy your biryani craving? Place your order today and immerse yourself in a truly exceptional culinary experience!

Our Takeaway Biryani Located in Shankarpally is : Shankar Pally
Sy.No.182, Sangareddy PWD Road, Beside Electrical Sub Station, Shankar Pally, R.R. District, Telangana.



Sangareddy PWD Road,
Beside Electrical Sub Station,
Shankar Pally,
R.R. District,
Telangana- 501203.

Phone No: +91 7416171716

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