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Enjoy the Real Taste with Red Bucket Biryani



Takeaway Restaurant In Shadnagar

Red Bucket Biryani has opened a new store in Shadnagar. This restaurant will serve the most-ordered chicken, mutton, fish, prawns, and egg biryani in Shadnagar. Biryani is made by cooking meat, Masala, and rice in three layers. The Hyderabadi Dum cooking style is the safest way to make Red Bucket Biryani. It is made with the best long Basmati rice, juicy meat marinated for 24 hours, secret ingredients, and caramelised onions.

This takeaway restaurant will serve hyderabadi biryani, the most popular dish in the world. Every day, people from all walks of life go to Red Bucket Biryani for great food, service, and a good time. Using a unique mix of old and new ideas, our chefs show people worldwide how good the food was in the royal courts of the Nizams. Our most popular dishes are known for how clean they are and how good they taste.

Red Bucket Biryani can be take away or order online. It comes in a three-layered plastic bucket. The meat on the bottom is juicy and tastes great. Masala rice is an unusual type of rice in the middle layer, and the best Basmati rice with saffron is on top. Mix all three layers to get the real taste of Red Bucket Biryani.

As usual, we ensured this store in Shadnagar was suitable for everyone. The store is open from 12 AM to 11 PM at night. You can order tasty dishes from our takeaway store if you’d rather stay home and eat real Hyderabadi food. This takeaway restaurant is right in the middle of Shadnagar, where many places exist.

What’s stopping you? You can still eat Biryani the same way if you order it online in Shadnagar.


Opp: More Super Market,
Vijetha College opp Line,
R.T.C Colony,
Telangana State,
Pin No: 509216.

Phone No: +91 7386586130

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