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Takeaway Restaurant In Sathupally

One thing that foodies will remember about Sathupally is the delicious biryani. In the entire nation, it is renowned for serving the spicier and greatest biryanis ever. Red Bucket Biryani restaurants in Telangana are well known for their Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, and Prawns Biryani. People know us for the quantity, quality, and flavour of the food we prepare.

We serve you the best, tastiest, and most enjoyable biryani in Sathupally. We ensure that you receive authentic Hyderabadi food by boiling it. To enhance the flavour of food, spices are added. Whether you want to try the starters or the bucket biryani, you may try the excellent, fresh food cooked in a tandoor. We make every effort to ensure that the meal is delectable.

Every vegetarian receives a bonus from us. Vegetarian biryani, one of our most well-liked recipes, tastes best with large chunks of potato. Because we serve the best biryani in Sathupally, vegetarians and vegans adore visiting our restaurant.

Our talented chefs make every item on the menu using tried-and-true recipes. Each meal is carefully prepared and cooked according to their meticulous plans. If you want authentic Sathupally flavours that are nutritious and delicious, go no further. You can place an online order for biryani or pick it up at a Red Bucket Biryani location in Sathupally that is close by. We pledge that the fare will be appetising and intriguing. Red Bucket Biryani offers a variety of meals for reasonable prices.


To make it taste like authentic biryani, we utilise fresh meat, high-quality basmati rice, and fresh vegetables. Every bite tastes fantastic because we utilise premium ingredients. We are the only chain where every biryani order is prepared from scratch and delivered.

View our menu, then let us know what you want right away!


Opposite kakarlapally Road Old centre Vishnu Singh complex, Sathupally Khammam District ,Telangana-507303

Phone No: +91 9963968969

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