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Santosh Nagar

Takeaway Restaurant In Santosh Nagar

Craving for an authentic biryani experience in Santosh Nagar? Look at Red Bucket Biryani! Transport yourself back to the days of traditional firewood and clay pot cooking, where the aroma and flavours of biryani were truly unforgettable.

At Red Bucket Biryani, we take pride in our unique approach to the biryani. Our skilled chefs combine old-age techniques with modern innovations to create a unique dining experience that will leave you craving more. When you order biryani online from us, you can expect something extraordinary and exquisite that will wow your loved ones.

Our biryani is perfect for all occasions, whether housewarming, marriage, birthday, engagement or any other event. We offer various options, including vegetarian, chicken, mutton, fish, prawn, and egg biryani, served in small packs to large buckets to cater to your requirements. Our biryani in unique flavours with a touch of Mughalai twist, fit for royalty.

Whether you order biryani online or takeaway biryani from our nearest outlets, you can trust us to care for your palate and taste buds. Our medley of warm flavours and textures will delight your guests, family, and friends, leaving them craving more. So, why wait? Treat yourself to the best biryani in Santosh Nagar at Red Bucket Biryani and experience a heavenly burst of flavours and aroma in every bite.

Our takeaway biryani is prepared with the utmost care, ensuring it is brilliantly flavoured with juicy and delicious pieces of meat that provide you with the authentic taste of Hyderabad. Our desi-dum cooking style ensures a perfect balance of flavour and aroma in every bite.

So, if you’re a biryani enthusiast, it’s time to indulge your cravings and order biryani online from Red Bucket Biryani in Santosh Nagar.

Our Takeaway Restaurant in Santosh Nagar located near: 17-1-380/2/3 , Opp. Nightingale Hospital, Champapet road, Santhosh Nagar IS Sadan, Hyderabad.


Opp. Nightingale Hospital,
Champapet road,
Santhosh Nagar,
IS Sadan,
Hyderabad , Telangana,
Pin No: 500059.

Phone No: +91 8121699918

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