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Takeaway Restaurant In Sainikpuri

As we all know, Hyderabadi Biryani is famous worldwide for its tasty mix of spices. People from Sainikpuri usually say Red Bucket Biryani is one of the best places to get Veg & Non-veg biriyani. This Red Bucket Biryani is one of the best takeaway restaurants in the Sainikpuri area. We serve chicken, mutton, egg, prawns, fish, and vegetarian biryanis. This Takeaway Restaurant is one of the best options in Sainkpuri. You can order this biriyani through Zomato and Swiggy (or). You can come to Our Take Away Restaurant in Sainkpiri.

Many biryani lovers come to us. The “prawns biryani” is always the star, even though the “chicken biryani” is excellent. If you want vegetarian Biryani, we have the best in the city. Why, therefore, is our Biryani the perfect choice overall? The most excellent ingredients and spices are used, so it is “paisa vasool” filled and fill your stomach. Your love for Biryani will intensify, expand, and deepen with us.


You may experience the Best Biryani in Sainikpuri by ordering it online. Even though there aren’t many options, we continue to provide Biryani that will blow your mind because we’ve been making it for years. To relieve your hungry, we have a large selection of biryanis on the menu today.

Whether you prefer to pick it up or place an online order, there are numerous ways to obtain Biryani. We will impress you in every manner, including pricing, flavour, quantity, and cleanliness, and we will serve you a lot of food.

You have a variety of alternatives, like ordering Biryani online or for takeaway. We will impress you in every way, including price, flavour, portion size, and cleanliness, and we are pretty liberal with our portions. The finest Biryani in Sainikpuri should smell strongly of biryani rice and spices and have substantial pieces of potato, fish, chicken, or mutton. The flavour of Red Bucket Biryani is fantastic and endows your taste senses with a soulful touch. Please look at the options on our website if you intend to order Biryani online. Within minutes, your order will be delivered.

Red Bucket Biryani’s delivery is the greatest option if you want to be treated like a king. Red Bucket Biryani in Sainikpuri provides takeaway, and you can order in Swiggy or Zomanto. 


H.no. 37-72/C-128 , J.J.nagar , Defence Colony, Opp. Mahabodhi Function Hall, Sainikpuri, Hyderabad -500094

Phone No: +91 8977042020


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