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Takeaway Restaurant In Peddapalli

The only place in Peddapalli to get real Hyderabadi biryani is Red Bucket Biryani. If you order Biryani from us online in Peddapalli, you’ll get a taste you haven’t had in your city before. When you order biryani, we make it fresh and bring it to you on time. If you’re hungry, order biryani from the most recommended food delivery service. On our menu, we have a lot of different kinds of food. Depending on how much you want, you can get biryani in small packs or big buckets from the closest stores. 

People who like eggs, chicken, mutton, or vegetarian food can all find something they like in Peddapalli’s best biryani. We serve biryani with tender, boneless pieces of mutton over fragrant rice or biryani cooked on dum, just like the original recipe says.

We have some of the best and most unique biryani in Peddapalli, like mutton biryani and chicken mandi biryani, which has Arabic roots and is made with smoked chicken and fragrant rice. You can choose from prawn biryani, chicken 65 biryani, which is cooked slowly and comes with flavoured rice, and more.

The most popular restaurant in your city is known for its tried-and-true versions of dishes like egg, prawn, and chicken dishes, as well as appetisers and main courses. Our kitchen is always busy, and you can get biryani to go if you want to satisfy your hunger.

If you want to order biryani online, you can get a classic fish biryani that isn’t as spicy as the Hyderabadi versions but still tastes good. It’s one of the best things we make. 

We know how to make biryani as well as kebabs and other slow-cooked dishes. Enjoy biryani made with the best spices and delivered right to your door.Our Biryani is made with delicious, high-quality ingredients.

Can’t stop thinking about biryani? Order biryani online from red bucket biryani.

Our Take Away Biryani in Peddapalli Located Near: Beside Reliance Smart Point, Opposite Government Hospital, Peddapalli



H No:2-1-89, 90, 1st floor Beside Reliance Smart Point, Opposite Government Hospital, Peddapalli Pincode:505172

Phone No: +91 9704766233

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