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Pedda Amberpet

Takeaway Restaurant In Pedda Amberpet

Red Bucket Biryani is renowned for serving the best biryani in Pedda Amberpet. With decades of experience in biryani preparation, we create the most delicious varieties, including chicken 65, fish, egg, and more. If you’re a mutton biryani enthusiast, Red Bucket Biryani is a must-visit destination. You can conveniently order biryani online or opt for our takeaway service – we craft the perfect biryani you won’t resist.

Our biryani epitomises perfection, featuring aromatic rice and smoky, flavorful meats. You’ll find your perfect match at Red Bucket Biryani. To complement your scrumptious biryani, consider placing an online order with us. If you choose the mutton biryani, you’ll savour boneless pieces with rich flavours. Whether it’s for a family gathering, party, or a simple lunch/dinner, we’re just a click away in Pedda Amberpet.

Biryani, a soulful dish loved by all, is believed to have originated in India from the Mughals and has since made its way to every corner of the country. If you crave perfectly tenderized chicken or prawn, you’ll experience vibrant flavours with every bite. We pride ourselves on serving the best biryani in Pedda Amberpet, masterfully blending rich flavours and enticing aromas.

Visit our store to savour authentic flavours and explore our top biryani offerings. You can also opt for our biryani takeaway service or indulge in appetizers to tantalize your taste buds. We’ve been dedicated to serving authentic biryani for years. When you order chicken 65 biryani, you’ll enjoy a roasted exterior and a tender, juicy interior. So, head to our exceptional outlet in Pedda Amberpet and treat your taste buds to your favourite biryani.

Our Takeaway Biryani Located in Pedda Amberpet is : Beside Lucky Bakers, Sanghi road, Pedda Amberpet.


Beside Lucky Bakers,
Sanghi road, Pedda Amberpet

Phone No: +91 8179024385

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