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Takeaway Restaurant In Marathahalli

Red Bucket Biryani is your ultimate destination when looking for the best authentic biryani in marathahalli. Order biryani online in Marathahalli to savour a unique taste exclusive to our restaurant. We prioritize freshness and on-time delivery for your biryani orders. Fulfill your biryani cravings by choosing us, the top-rated food delivery service in the area.

Our menu in Marathahalli offers a wide range of options for biryani enthusiasts, including egg lovers, chicken aficionados, mutton connoisseurs, and vegetarians, all of which can be complemented with delicious raita. We faithfully follow authentic recipes, ensuring that our biryani is served with tender, boneless mutton pieces atop fragrant rice or prepared using the traditional ‘dum’ method.

Discover the uniqueness of our mutton biryani and chicken mandi biryani with Arabic influences, featuring smoked chicken atop fragrant rice. Choose from various biryani options, such as prawn biryani and our slow-cooked chicken 65 biryani with flavorful rice.

Our iconic local restaurant in Marathahalli is renowned for its tried-and-tested dishes, ranging from egg, prawn, and chicken varieties to appetizers and main courses. Whether you dine in or takeaway, we’re here to satisfy your biryani cravings.

If you’re considering ordering biryani online, don’t miss our classic fish biryani. Although it may not be as fiery as the Hyderabadi versions, it boasts a gentle, flavorful taste. This biryani is one of our standout offerings, featuring aromatic basmati rice and beautifully decorated fish pieces.

We possess the culinary art of preparing biryani at Red Bucket Biryani and take pride in our slow-cooked delicacies, biryanis, kebabs, and more. Enjoy biryani delivered to your doorstep, crafted with the finest spices and ingredients. Alternatively, visit our marathahalli store for a delectable takeaway experience, relishing lip-smacking biryani made with high-quality ingredients.

Our Takeaway Restaurant Located in Marathahalli is: 88, Marathahalli – Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd, beside Lenskart, Kasavanahalli Village, Marathahalli, Bengaluru ,Karnataka.


88, Beside Lenskart, Marathahalli,
Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd,
Kasavanahalli Village,
Marathahalli, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560037.

Phone No: +91 9900916889

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