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Enjoy the Real Taste with Red Bucket Biryani


LB Nagar

Takeaway Restaurant In LB Nagar

Biryani is one of the popular food in LB Nagar. And why not? It is delicious, tasty and, more importantly, mouth-watering. There are a lot of places that claim to serve the best Biryani in LB Nagar. Red Bucket Biryani is undoubtedly one of the best outlets serving piping hot, fresh, and healthy Biryani.

Hundreds of biryani lovers come to us to enjoy some-yummy Biryani. The “chicken biryani” here is delicious, but the star is always “prawns biryani”. If you are craving vegetarian Biryani, we have the best one in the city. So, what makes our biryani top choice all through? Because of the finest quality ingredients and spices we use, it is full of ‘paisa vasool’ and fills your stomach. Your love for Biryani will go more substantial, more significant, and more profound with us.

Order Biryani online and delve deep into some of the best biryanis in LB Nagar. We have been making Biryani for years and serving mind-blowing Biryani even when the choices are limited. Today, we have a rich menu of biryanis that quench your thirst.

Whether you want to take away or order Biryani online, you have multiple options. We are very generous with our portions and will impress you with everything, like price, taste, quantity, and hygiene.

The Best Biryani in LB Nagar should have a strong aroma of biryani rice and spices with good chunks of potato/fish/chicken/mutton. Red Bucket Biryani has a great flavour that gives your taste buds a soulful touch. If you are planning to order Biryani online, we suggest you check out the options on our website. Your order will be delivered in minutes.

When you want to get served like a king, your best choice is biryani delivery from Red Bucket Biryani. You will also enjoy takeaway biryani with Red Bucket Biryani in LB Nagar.


Plot no 56/A,
Shop no: 11-14-361,
Ground Floor,
Siris Road, Sri Shankar Colony,
LB Nagar, Hyderabad,
Telangana 500074.

Phone Number : 063016 61855

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