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Takeaway Restaurant In Kukatpally

Red Buckey Biryani has the most authentic and best biryani in Kukatpally. Order mutton biryani online for tender, melt-in-your-mouth pieces of organic lamb cooked in traditional pots with long-grain basmati rice. If you want to try traditional food with light flavours, we have some special dishes with chicken or mutton rice.

We don’t use preservatives or dehydration technology, so each bite of biryani is full of flavour and good for you. You will enjoy it with your family, friends, and coworkers because it is made with tender ingredients, fragrant rice, and spices from heaven. Everyone can get together if you order biryani online. There are traditional packs, family packs, party packs, and special packs, among others. You must eat, among other things, chicken 65 biryani, mutton biryani, and prawns biryani.

We serve traditional flavours that are made better with juicy meat and fragrant spices, whether you order biryani online or pick it up from a restaurant near you. You have to try red bucket biryani, even if you’ve had biryani elsewhere. We make Kukatpally’s best biryani. It has the best rice, spices, raisins, onions, cashew nuts, and a lot of ghee.

You can order biryani from the store closest to you and eat it with chicken pakoda, chicken fry, prawn fry, or fish fry. You don’t have to worry about the pieces because we’ll only include the best ones. Prawns A highly recommended dish here is biryani, which is a safe place for people who don’t eat meat. We serve delicious biryanis that are always the same size, have rich flavours, and smell great. You don’t have to leave your house to eat our delicious food. We deliver at prices that can’t be beat by any other biryani shop. We are known for having a wide range of food because we have more than 15 different kinds of biryani.

Our Takeaway Restaurant in Kukatpally is near: Punyavathi Arcade , Addagutta Society, Pragathi nagar Road,
Opposite Vijetha Super Market, Kukatpally.


Punyavathi Arcade,
Plot No:219/A,
Addagutta Society,
Pragathi nagar Road,
Opposite Vijetha Super Market,
Kukatpally, Hyderabad ,
Pin No: 500072.

Phone No: +91 9550006365

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