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Takeaway Restaurant In Kattedan

When you search in Kattedan for the Best Hyderabadi Biryani ends at Red Bucket Biryani. Order biryani online in Kattedan with us and experience the unique taste you have never participated in your city. We make biryani freshly according to your order and deliver it on time. Satisfy your cravings by ordering biryani from the most recommended food delivery service. Our cooking style differs from others, which you will experience in every bite. Made with aromatic rice and tender meat, a piece of egg, or boiled potato, we have been delighting the palates of the city for more than a decade. 

Most people have crowned Hyderabadi biryani as the best biryani in Kattedan. Contrary to popular belief, a side of boiled egg with a side of spiced chicken will add nicely to the meal and are a treat to your taste buds. Popular among the locals, Red Bucket Biryani conquered hearts by making mouth-watering biryanis. 

You can find Takeaway Restaurants across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Try our famous biryanis during your stay in Kattedan. We guarantee your taste. We take utmost care in preparation and deliver everything in a sealed bucket. 

Our Store prepares Authentic Hyderabadi biryani in Kattedan that one can devour at any time. Whether it is a friendly party at home or a tiring day at work, our biryani delivers the same bliss always. We bring you tenderised meat and fragrant rice cooked with absolute precision. We prepare the most authentic and traditional biryanis, including – chicken, mutton, fish and prawn. The thick grains and meat make an excellent biryani when simmered with love. 

The marinated piece of chicken, saffron strands soaked in rose water, and the finest spices, when added in a dough-lined vessel, enhances the flavours. This delicacy We no longer restricted to the realms of Hyderabad or Nizams. Just explore and order biryani online to immediately delve into some heavenly meat.

Our Takeaway Biryani in Kattedan Loacted near Sagar heights, BJP Office Line Ganesh nagar, Kattedan.



Sagar heights,
BJP Office Line,
Ganesh nagar,
Kattedan, Rajendra Nagar,
Hyderabad, Telangana,
Pin No: 500077.

Phone No: +91 8885267551

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