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Takeaway Restaurant In Kanuru

Welcome to Kanuru, Vijaywada the land of biryanis! Red Bucket Biryani ensures you have a world-class experience by serving the best biryani in Kanuru. You can order biryani online for a party or a Sunday dinner with your family. We make the best biryani because it has the best taste, spices, smell, and taste. 

We are known for our special way of making prawn biryani and our chicken pakora, fish fry, chicken fry, and prawn fry, which are all favourites. Whether you order biryani online or takeaway at one of our nearest stores, we always use the best packing methods. We never give up on taste, smell, or flavour. Also, we ensure that the biryani you love keeps its nutritional value and doesn’t lose it. 

Non-vegetarians have a long list of biryanis to choose from, like egg biryani and fish biryani. We are experts at dum cooking, so our biryanis have just the right spice, and the meat is perfectly cooked. The chicken 65 biryani can be made with or without bones. Also, the mutton biryani looks tasty with its golden rice and tender bits of mutton. Grab your best plate of biryani and dive into Mughal food today.

Order biryani from Red Bucket Biryani online for a taste that is “naati style.” The amount, taste, and taste are well-balanced, making it stand out from other foods. Having biryani with family and friends is the best way to enjoy it. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to try the best biryani in Kanuru. You can only order biryani online or takeaway at our store in Kanuru. You can take away from more than 15 choices and enjoy the tasty food of Hyderabad.

If you are crazy about biryani, order it from Red Bucket Biryani online.


Near Vijaya Lakshmi Theatre,
Kanuru -520007,

Phone No: +91 9063558118

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