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Takeaway Restaurant In Kakinada

Welcome to Kakinada, the land of biryani! Red Bucket Biryani guarantees a world-class experience by serving the finest biryani in Kakinada. Whether hosting a party or craving a Sunday dinner with your family, you can conveniently order biryani online. Our biryani stands out due to its exceptional taste, rich spices, and enticing aroma.

We’re renowned for our unique approach to making prawn biryani and popular favourites like chicken pakora, fish fry, chicken fry, and prawn fry. Whether you order biryani online or takeaway at one of our locations, we take utmost care in packaging to ensure that the taste, aroma, and flavours remain intact. Moreover, we’re committed to preserving the nutritional value of the beloved biryani you enjoy.

For non-vegetarians, our diverse biryani selection includes options like egg and prawn biryani. Our dum cooking expertise makes our biryanis perfectly seasoned, and the meat is perfectly cooked. The Chicken 65 Biryani can be customized with or without bones. The mutton biryani is also a visual delight with its golden-hued rice and tender meat morsels. Treat yourself to a plate of biryani and embark on a Mughal culinary journey today

Order ‘naati style’ biryani online from Red Bucket Biryani for a unique flavour experience. This variant sets itself apart through its well-balanced portion, taste, and blend of flavours. Sharing biryani with loved ones is the ultimate way to savour it. You need to stay in your home to relish the finest Kakinada biryani; simply order online or take away from our Kakinada store. Choose from a selection of over 15 options and indulge in the delectable cuisine of Hyderabad.

If you are crazy about biryani, order it from Red Bucket Biryani online.


Beside Tata Motors, Gati Center , Jagannadha Puram, Kakinada Andhra Pradesh – 533002

Contact No: +91 7671988853

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