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Takeaway Restaurant In Gajwel

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the greatest vegetarian or non-vegetarian restaurant in Gajwel. We work hard to ensure that every customer who chooses us has a pleasant time. We serve various dishes, including Mutton Biryani, Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Egg Biryani, Fish Biryani, Prawns Biryani, and others, all prepared with care and precision by our trained chefs.

Red Bucket Biryani is one of the most best restaurants in Gajwel for authentic biryani. Our cooks have learned to create distinctive and delicious dishes utilising ancient techniques like clay pots, firewood, and a slow-cooking process.

We never fail to please our customers because each dish is freshly made and served to steam hot, as well as because of the unique flavour combinations it offers. Our clients praise our excellent quality, flavour standards, and helpful and courteous personnel. Red Bucket Biryani is the place to go if you want authentic biryani for these reasons.

At Red Bucket Biryani, we ensure all our ingredients are fresh from local farmers. In this manner, we can ensure that every food we serve is delicious. Our spices are meticulously selected to create a distinct flavour profile that can only be found at Red Bucket Biryani. We not only prepare our biryani in the traditional style but also use innovative techniques that set us apart from other restaurants in Gajwel.

What exactly are you waiting for? Call your buddies and buy biryani online, or Come to the nearest takeaway biryani store. You will win them with our unrivalled taste, timely delivery, and customer service. Order from Red Bucket Biryani to warm your heart.

Our takeaway restaurant in gajwel is near Near Gurram Bomma, Pragnapur Rd, Gajwel.


Near Gurram Bomma ,
Pragnapur Rd ,
Gajwel, Telangana State
Pin No: 502278.

Phone No: +91 9063290658

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