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Chanda Nagar

Takeaway Restaurant In Chanda Nagar

The Biryani dish is a classic that does not require any introduction. One of the most well-liked cuisines in India and worldwide, it is known for its fragrant and flavorful depth. Biryani delicacy can be found throughout Chanda Nagar, although each restaurant’s version features distinctive twists. Our approach to cooking is distinctive from others, and this distinction will become abundantly clear to you with each mouthful you consume. We have been bringing a smile to diners’ faces all over the city for more than a decade with our mouthwatering dishes that feature aromatic rice, succulent cuts of meat, a sliced hard-boiled egg, or boiled potatoes.

You can buy biryani online from Red Bucket Biryani whether you are having a get-together with your friends or planning dinner with your family. Our biryani is packed with one-of-a-kind flavours, and we guarantee it will have the best taste of any dish in the entire city. In airtight containers, our biryani is also available for takeout orders.

Foodies around the state have expressed their adoration for the regal delicacy, constituting an entire dinner. You can discover several biryani options on our menu, which is convenient whether you are looking to have the best biryani in Chanda nagar

Delivered to your home or are going to get biryani to go. We provide a wonderful contrast for biryani enthusiasts by providing a broad variety of options, including chicken 65, mutton, prawns, egg, and vegetarians.

Various mouthwatering appetisers, such as chicken pakodi, chicken fry, fish fry, and prawns fry, are also available at Red Bucket Biryani as part of the restaurant’s extensive menu. In addition, we offer an all-mixed version of our Red Bucket Biryani, which features a combination of mutton, chicken, and fish. The dish known as biryani is so delicious that even people who usually don’t care for rice will make an exception to eat it when it’s prepared this way.

You may taste Hyderabad from our takeaway biryani, which is superbly flavoured with juice and exquisite pieces of meat you can pick up yourself. These are beautiful examples of how to combine the finest herbs and flavours in a desi-dum manner that is both delicately cooked and well-balanced.

If you are utterly obsessed with this dish, it is time to order biryani online from Red Bucket Biryani.


2-6/1, Shop No 3,
Beside Ramraj Cotton,
Zepto Downstairs,
Main Road , Chanda Nagar,
Ranga Reddy District,
Pin No: 500050.

Phone No: +91 9081222333

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