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Takeaway Restaurant In Beeramguda

We are among the Best Biryani in Beeramguda and offer Veg and Non-Veg homely biryani prepared with the utmost care by our skilled chefs. This is one of the best places in Beeramguda to get delicious homely biryani. We serve biryanis with chicken, mutton, egg, prawns, fish, and vegetables.

People who like Biryani come to us to get some of our tasty Biryani. Even though the “chicken biryani” is delicious, the “prawns biryani” is always the best. We have the best vegetarian Biryani in the city. So, why is our Biryani the best choice in general? The best ingredients and spices are used to get your money’s worth and fill your stomach. Your biryani love will grow, strengthen, and go deeper with us.

Some of the best biryani in beeramguda can be found when you order it online. Even though there aren’t many options, we continue to provide Biryani that will blow your mind because we’ve been producing it for years. We have a lot of different biryanis on the menu today to help you quench your hunger. There are many ways to get Our Biryani, whether you want to Takeaway or Order it online in Swiggy & Zomato. We will serve you a lot of food and make you happy in every way, including price, taste, quantity, and cleanliness.

The best biryani in beeramguda has big pieces of potato, fish, chicken, or mutton and smells strongly of biryani rice and spices. Red Bucket Biryani has a wonderful taste that gives your taste buds a soulful touch. If you want to order Biryani online in Beeramguda, you should check out the options on our site. Your order will be brought to you in a few minutes.

Every part of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh State shows how much we care about cleanliness and quality. Order a hearty Hyderabadi Biryani from our Takeaway Restaurant at Beeramguda to enjoy on the weekends.


H. No 16-113/5/1,
1st Floor , Madhura Nagar,
Kishtareddy Pet Road,
Ameenpur , Beeramguda,

Phone No: +91 9121357809


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