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Takeaway Restaurant In Bapatla

Red Bucket Biryani in Bapatla should be your first stop for those seeking delicious and aromatic biryani at pocket-friendly prices. In Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, for years. With our expertise in crafting biryani, we offer a wide range of delectable options, including chicken 65, fish, egg, and more. If you’re a mutton biryani lover, Red Bucket Biryani is a must-visit destination for aficionados. You can conveniently order biryani online or takeaway and indulge in our irresistible biryani that captivates your taste buds.

Our biryani is a symphony of fragrant rice and smoky, flavorful meat cooked to perfection. You’ll find the perfect fit for your biryani cravings at Red Bucket Biryani. Our boneless mutton biryani is legendary, bursting with rich flavours that will leave you craving more. Whether planning a family gathering, a party, or a lunch/dinner, we are just a takeaway in Bapatla, ready to serve you the best local biryani.

Biryani is a soulful dish that originated in India from the Mughals and has since made its way to every nook and corner of the country. Our biryani at Red Bucket Biryani celebrates authentic flavours and aromas crafted to tantalize your taste buds. Our tenderized chicken or prawns burst with vibrant flavours in every bite, truly capturing the essence of biryani.

For an authentic biryani experience, head to our outlet and savour some of our best biryanis. You can also take away or indulge in our appetisers to further elevate your culinary journey. Our chicken 65 biryani features a perfectly roasted exterior and a juicy interior that will impress your taste buds. So, visit our remarkable Bapatla store and treat yourself to your favourite biryani.

Take advantage of this extraordinary culinary delight. Our biryani is packed with flavour bombs that will transport your taste buds to culinary heaven, satisfying you. Come to Red Bucket Biryani and experience the ultimate biryani experience that will linger on your palate long after the last bite.

Our Takeaway Restaurant in Bapatla Located Near : Cheelu Road, Opp.HP petrol Station, Near New Bus stand, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh.


Cheelu Road,
Opp:HP petrol Station,
Near New Bus stand,
Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh
Pin No :522101.

Phone No: +91 9000707365

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