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Enjoy the Real Taste with Red Bucket Biryani


Balaji Nagar

Takeaway Restaurant In Balaji Nagar

Want to eat the best, most traditional, and most authentic biryani in Balaji Nagar? The food is mainly made with basmati rice and meat, chicken, fish, prawns, or eggs. The best thing about Red Bucket Biryani is its unique flavour that is hard to forget. Our biryani is a real treat for rice lovers with cloves, maca powder, and star anise, among other spices. The sour and spicy taste adds much to the taste and comes from Mughal food.

The delicious biryani is more than enough to fill you up. Order biryani online or takeaway biryani from our outlet in Balaji Nagar. Our dish is different because we use a lot of onions and put the sauce made from meat at the bottom of the pot.

Our fish biryani is the mildest kind of biryani and tastes delicious. It’s more than just a dish. You can order biryani online and even have it delivered to calm your stomach. The chicken biryani is tasty, but the prawn biryani is the best. With big portions that are easy to share, the only thing you have to worry about is getting too full.

This is the best place for biryani in balaji nagar. It’s in the middle of town, and people come from nearby towns and villages to eat there. Red Bucket Biryani has the best biryani to take out. It is full of flavour, healthy, and clean. You won’t have to spend much money to get the best biryani. Also, you should try our spicy fish biryani, which is made to suit your tastes.

Also, appetisers like chicken pakoda, fish fry, and chicken fry are a treat for your friends and family. Want to place your order right away? Today, eat the most delicious food.


House No: 6-187,
Opp SBI Bank,
Balaji Nagar Main Road,
Jawahar Nagar , Balaji Nagar,
Hyderabad, Telangana,
Pin No: 500087.

Phone No: +91 7396735457

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