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Takeaway Restaurant In Attapur

Are you sick of biryani that tastes the same every time? Want to try the best biryani in attapur, which is near Hyderabad in the state of Telangana? Let’s take you down memory lane, where you can remember the smell and taste of biryani cooked in traditional firewood and clay pots. People know Red Bucket Biryani for its traditional biryani.

The place is great for people who like biryani. Our chefs use old and new techniques to make your meal unique and memorable. So, the next time you order biryani online, give your family and friends something special and tasty.

Biryani is served at a housewarming, a wedding, a birthday, an engagement, and other events. Red Bucket Biryani has different kinds, such as vegetarian, chicken, mutton, fish, prawns, and egg. You can get biryani in small or large buckets, depending on how much you want. We make the best biryani in Attapur. It mixes different tastes with a Mughalai twist, ending with something that will make you feel like a king or queen.

Let us care for your taste buds and palate by mixing great-smelling flavours and aromas. You can be sure that biryani will taste, smell, and taste good whether you take away or order it online. Explore the warm tastes and textures that will make your family, friends, and guests happy.

Every part of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh State shows how clean and well-made we are. Order a hearty Hyderabadi Biryani from our Takeaways at Attapur to eat on the weekends and on normal days.

Our Takeaway Restaurant in Attapur is near: Beside Ghanshyam, Near Janapriya Apartment, Attapur


Beside Ghanshyam, Near Janapriya Apartment, Attapur, Hyderabad, Pin No: 500048.

Phone No: +91 7702214910

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