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Takeaway Restaurant In Asilmetta

Want to savor traditional, authentic, and the best biryani in Asilmeta? This cuisine is prepared primarily with basmati rice and features meat, chicken, fish, prawn, or egg. The standout feature of Red Bucket Biryani is its unique taste, which is hard to forget. Infused with a blend of spices like cloves, maca powder, and star anise, our biryani is a true delight for rice enthusiasts. The tangy and spicy flavor enhances the overall taste, drawing inspiration from Mughal cuisine.

This mouth-watering biryani is substantial enough to fill your stomach. Order biryani online or get it as a takeaway from our outlet in Asilmeta. A distinctive aspect of our dish is the generous use of onions, with the meat-based sauce placed at the bottom of the cooking pot.

Milder than other biryanis, our fish biryani creates a delicious sensation in your mouth. It’s more than just a dish. You can order biryani online or get a takeaway to satisfy your taste buds. While the chicken biryani is delicious, the star of the show is the prawn biryani. With easily shareable and generous portions, you only have to worry about overfilling your stomach.

Situated in the heart of the town, this is the best biryani place in Asilmeta and is popular among people from nearby towns and villages. Red Bucket Biryani offers the best takeaway biryani, rich in taste, health, and hygiene. You can enjoy the most delectable biryani without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to try our spicy fish biryani, customized to your taste.

Additionally, appetizers like chicken pakoda and fish fry are a treat for your friends and family. Can’t wait to place your order? Enjoy the most delicious cuisine today!


Beside Sri Chaitanya College,
Visakhapatnam, Ap- 530002.

Phone No: +91 81212 96870

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